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Sunday, 15 Jun 2014

No Text William Deresiewicz's extended assessment appeared in the ­Atlantic Monthly Review. A blog reply, advancing the debate about the crisis in contemporary criticism, can be found here.

Steve Donoghue reviewed the book in Open Letters Monthly

Kirsty Gunn and Michael Wood at the LRB Bookshop, in conversation with the author, can be heard at The London Review Bookshop

A portion of the book -- the chapter on Vonnegut, Mailer, Heller and others American 'war writers' -- was excerpted in Salon.com

  The New Statesman gave it the thumbs down, but with a nifty illustration of Don Quixote. The Tablet thought better of it but you have to pay to read the piece.

Here the book reaches California. And here is the first Australian review. And here the book comes ashore in China!

The New York Times review by John Sutherland can be read here.

  The Times Literary Supplement (here) and the Times Higher Educational Supplement (here) also reviewed the book.

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